Who is fsdkh?

fsdkh was created by British-Armenian Sylvie Keshishian who has worked in the creative industries in both the private and not-for-profit sectors in the UK, the USA and Armenia. fsdkh organically combines her passion for creativity and a multicultural lifestyle.
Why fsdkh?
the word fsdkh - pronounced fûs-dûkh - and its variations are used throughout the Middle East (in various languages) and literally means pistachio nut. When used colloquially, it describes someone or something that is attractive, sweet and beautiful.
fsdkh Aims
. . . to make you smile with your style and champion a cause at the same time with our original and quality products. Attention to detail spans every stage of development, from concept to design and from sourcing organic Indian cotton t-shirts to overseeing the screen printing in the UK. The launch collection, 'Armenian Retro', includes a conservation campaign for an endangered species, the Armenian mouflon.
fsdkh Mission
. . . is to build a global brand and make a difference in the arenas of conservation and sustainability. Each consumer will not only contribute to a great cause, but also carry a message that both draws attention to an endangered species and pays homage to colourful elements from a unique national identity. fsdkh's effective and sustainable collaboration includes screen printing designs in the UK on 100% certified organic Indian cotton t-shirts.
fsdkh Philanthropy
fsdkh donates a percentage of profits to the 'Young Women Charitable Foundation' (YWCF) in Armenia. Since 2005, the mission of this non-profit organisation has been to provide 17 to 22 year-old orphan women with a higher education, life and professional skills, plus a safe living environment - 'Houso Aygi' - during their studies. To date, Houso Aygi has welcomed 38 young women, among whom 21 have graduated from university or college. The long-term goal is to break cycles of dependency and create independent, confident and responsible citizens. These young women are from among the most socially vulnerable segments of the population, and YWCF is one of the very few organisations working pre-emptively to combat human trafficking in the region.