24-hour Coffee Cup Reading Women's Tee24-hour Coffee Cup Reading Women's Tee

24-hour Coffee Cup Reading Women's Tee


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Share your flavoursome Armenian tradition and talent - combining sincerity, optimism and storytelling - with the world.

To read a coffee cup, turn it upside down (after finishing your coffee) on to the saucer for up to 30 minutes. The resulting shapes and patterns are ready to be interpreted. First the drinker must put his or her thumb into the grains at the bottom of the cup and press hard enough to make an impression. This represents that their heart is open for reading. You can then interpret the symbols you see – common examples include birds (meaning 'good news'), fish (meaning 'money') and two silhouettes (meaning 'marriage').

100% soft certified organic cotton jersey with a flattering simple crew neck. Screen printed on the outside front. Available in a flattering, looser ‘classic fit’ in small and large plus in a tighter-fitting ‘vintage washed’ fit with a natural finish.
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