Save The Armenian Mouflon Men's TeeSave The Armenian Mouflon Men's Tee

Save The Armenian Mouflon Men's Tee


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Help save this endangered species by raising public awareness.

Common name Armenian Mouflon, Scientific name Ovis orientalis gmelinii, also known as the South Caucasus wild sheep. The Armenian mouflon is among the ancestors of the domesticated sheep and is native to Armenia and the region. It is listed as 'Vulnerable' in the International Union for the Conservation of Nature's Red List of Threatened Species™ and as 'Endangered' in the Armenian Red Data Book. The main causes for its scarcity include hunting and habitat deterioration. Armenia's conservation strategy includes the entire range within the Urts, Vayots Dzor and Zangezur Ridges where only 200 to 250 animals are estimated to live. In 2009, new protected areas - the Zangezur State Sanctuary and the Arevik National Park - were established specifically to preserve the Armenian mouflon and other large mammals. The population in the South Caucasus is estimated at 400 to 450 animals. They have been introduced in to zoos and on to private ranches in the USA. The Large Herbivore Network takes care of all large wild herbivores in Eurasia. The Caucasus Nature Fund works to support the people and conserve the nature of the Caucasus region.
100% soft certified organic cotton jersey with a comfortable, simple crew neck. Screen printed on the outside front. Available in a flattering 'slim fit' in small, medium, large and extra large (XL). The XL is also available in a looser 'classic fit'. 
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